Thursday, October 31, 2013

here's to ALL girls.

I read an article on Psychology Today about how we girls "don't have to worry" because guys actually find skinny girls "really unattractive" and prefer curves.

I think they were expecting a sigh of relief, but being a person with a 34A bra size and not much of a butt, I was like, "well great my body is unattractive." There's been all this talk in the media the past couple of years about how "real women" have curves so you should embrace them and somehow having them makes you more of a role model. So I started thinking....what about the other girls?

I think that it gets overshadowed a bit that skinny girls do exist. It is simply not fair to say that skinny is an unrealistic portrayal of a women's body because the truth is that women come in all shapes and sizes. Apparently, Marilyn Monroe was a "real woman" and Demi Lovato is an amazing role model for having a heavier body. Although both ARE amazing role models for what they represent, Audrey Hepburn and Taylor Swift get no credit for representing more slender body shapes. I read recently that Angelina Jolie would make a better role model if she gained weight. How on earth does one's weight have to do with if they are a role model or not? Angelia Jolie looks healthy, therefore I don't see why there is an issue. 

People fail to realize that it is possible to be simultaneously skinny and healthy. Four of my friends have been stick-thin their entire lives- in fact, I'm pretty sure they're all considered underweight- but they are all perfectly healthy. One of them is super athletic, two of them are just naturally built on a small frame, and one of them has an incredibly fast metabolism (she actually hates it.) If someone was overweight, the media would be like "wow what a role model embracing your body! Being healthy is all that matters!" If someone was underweight, the media would be like "that's not promoting a good image you suck." 

I don't think the fashion industry promotes the healthiest habits, but honestly that's their business and it was never the intent to "twist everyone's mind." Their intent was to use the models to convey a certain mood through print and on the runway, and aesthetically that works best when the models are thin. It's not fair to say that the fashion industry is telling young girls and women they have to look like models because they really aren't. They are trying to sell a product. Besides, if people were REALLY trying to look like models then please explain to me why no one walks around with platform heels and a smokey eye and pimped-out hair. Seriously though. 

Basically....I hope one day the media can just find a balance between bashing skinny bodies and being grossed out over curvy bodies. Whatever your body looks like there is NOTHING wrong with it if you're striving to be healthy!!

There is nothing wrong with this...

..or this...

..or this...

..or this.

All are obviously women so they all should be treated as such.

xx Signe


  1. Here here sister!

  2. Agreed! My best friend is slender (and has wished to be bigger) and I have an abundance of curves (and would like to have fewer), but we are both healthy and happy women! There is an ongoing cycle presented of impossible standards which keep women at odds with themselves and each other when a full healthy life should be the goal.

  3. Gotta love Cara

  4. The idea that men prefer curvier women is based on a theory in evolutionary psych that curvier (larger hip to waist ratio) represent fertility, thus being better mates. With that being said, all women are beautiful, no matter how different they are! I definitely feel you on this post!

  5. You make an excellent point!! I think it's important to focus on health & fitness more than weight - which is just a number!

    xo, B

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  9. i love you for this post. i do wonder if the media is going to completely insane sometimes! haha :) this is also well written, i would have gone off on a tangent and written a novel! xxx