Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Campus Book Rentals

A shout-out to all college students: Campus Book Rentals is a great online site that allows you to rent and sell textbooks. As a bonus, they donate part of the rental money to their partner Operation Smile

Campus Book Rentals is awesome because they allow flexible rental periods, free shipping both ways, and highlighting in textbooks! In addition, they have the largest selection of textbooks in the nation.

Campus Book Rentals recently launched their new program Rent Back, which allows students to rent out their textbooks instead of selling them, therefore making up to 4 times as much money. Every time your books get rented, you get paid!

I'm not in college yet, but Campus Book Rentals looks like a great organization. I will definitely consider using this in college- after all, free shipping, being able to highlight, and a donation to charity is all very appealing!!

Have you ever used Campus Book Rentals? How does it compare to other textbook-renting sites? 

Thanks to Angela at Campus Book Rentals for sponsoring a Classy State of Grace! 

xx Signe


  1. That is a brilliant idea! I am in a couple of years heading to University, and this could be a great idea!


  2. I rented a lot of my books when I was in college. It's so much cheaper than buying! Great post! New follower :)