Wednesday, October 16, 2013

25 quick ways to improve your mood

I came up with this list the other day and just had to share it with you all. A lot of times when we're in a bad mood, we can't drop everything we're doing to go watch Netflix even though we want to. I realized that it doesn't take a lot of time to get your mood where it needs to be!!

1. Think of all the reasons it's good to be alive right now.

2. Make tea or hot chocolate. 

3. Take 10 controlled, deep breaths. 

4. Paint your nails. 

5. Write down everything that's bothering you, then throw it away. 

6. Pick out an outfit for the next day. 

7. Comment on 5 blogs. 

8. Think positive thoughts. 

9. Stretch. 

10. Browse pretty pictures on pinterest/tumblr.

11. Find a good quote and tweet it. 

12. Bake something. 

13. Plan time to get together with a friend. 

14. Call someone. 

15. Draw something. 

16. Eat a banana. 
(..bananas always put me in a good mood idk don't judge yo)

17. Make a list of goals you want to accomplish this week. 

18. Clean your room. 

19. Play guitar or piano. 
(I mean if you're not musical then this one wouldn't work...)

20. Paint.

21. Put on lotion. 

22. Read a chapter of a book. 

23. Write a funny parody to a song about someone you know. 

24. Pet your cat or dog. 

25. Imagine the ideal version of yourself then strive to be like her. 

How do you improve your mood? 

xx Signe


  1. If it is a panic kind of mood I breathe in for three counts and out for six, it helps me to calm down and deepen my breathing. If it is a low mood then I put on a song I that makes me smile, text a friend just to say hello, write in my journal or bake (usually cookies or bread).
    I'm going to try number 5 on your list, it sounds very theraputic.

  2. I like watching favorite tv series or browsing the internet. I lke your list! Next time I'll try paintnig my nails or tweeting something nice!

  3. Painting my nails definitely calms me down. Also nothing brightens a mood better than going out with friends!

  4. Painting my nails seems to stress me out haha, but browsing pretty pictures on the internet definitely helps :)
    Great post :)
    I've literally just revamped my whole blog and I'd love you to take a look and comment what you think!

  5. I love this list! I play the piano to distract me from what's upsetting me or stressing me out by the time I'm done I'm always in a better mood :)

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