Friday, September 27, 2013

When to Splurge and When to Save

Everyone is always torn between splurging and saving. I consider myself a pretty good spender and shopper and therefore feel confident most of the time in my purchases. Over the years, I've been able to determine when it's best to splurge and best to save.

Times you should splurge


When buying a fall or winter jacket, you want it to be good quality and one you can wear for the next few winters.


If you're going to buy riding boots, then just go all the way and by a $100+ pair. Ones from Target, Forever 21 etc are obviously less expensive but you won't get much wear out of them. 

{A Basic Fall Winter/Sweater}

Everyone should invest in one high-quality cashmere or cable-knit sweater in a solid color. It's kind of a winter staple and you'll guaranteed wear it all the time. 


I know it sounds stupid....but it's so nice to have two or three pairs of really nice socks!! They don't have to be designer or anything, just a good quality pair from J. Crew will do if you want to have a sock splurge. 


Jeans are like boots- an inexpensive pair just won't do. If jeans are really important to you, then you can take the $60+ route, but otherwise you want to be spending at least $30 on a pair of jeans. 

{The Perfect Bag}

We all need a versatile bag we can use for everything and can last long. Often inexpensive ones are cute but trendy; if you splurge on a classic-looking one you'll love- and be able to use- forever. 

{Something you're in love with and won't be able to find anywhere else}

Splurging on a pair of J. Crew MaCallisters was one of the best decisions I ever made. I was seriously in love with them ever since I saw them, but at $200 I knew I'd probably never have them. In the store they were on sale for $80, and when my mom agreed to pay half I knew I couldn't resist the opportunity!

Times you should NOT splurge


The reason I say this is it's kinda unnecessary to buy expensive jewelry for yourself. Save the Tiffany or Kate Spade thing you've been wanting for a Christmas present or gift from your grandparents. Buy all the cutesy jewelry you want for yourself cheap, then you can just buy a ton. Plus, jewelry gets lost easily. 

{Hair accessories}

Hair accessories are like the one thing where quality absolutely does not matter. Therefore, it's a waste of money to pay $10 for a hair clip and $30 for a headband. Go to Forever 21 and H&M and you will find the exact same thing for a fraction of that. 

{Shirts in general}

Just buy most of your tops for under $30. Seriously. Most shirts over that aren't really worth it and you can find something similar for a lot less.

{Skirts in general}

Comfort isn't really a huge factor when it comes to skirts because it's just a skirt...they all pretty much feel the same. However, if you buy an inexpensive skirt make sure it has proper lining!!


It's really just not necessary to splurge on leggings. You can find a perfectly comfortable and quality pair at Target or Kohl's for around $15. 


Kinda similar to skirts- comfort really isn't an issue. If you're buying a graduation dress or something, then yeahhh, obviously splurge...but for everyday dresses don't. Dresses can get really expensive and you can find the same kinds of styles at other places.


It's just plain stupid to spend money on TIGHTS!! I mean, they rip and wear out after about 10ish wears. Just buy a bunch of cheap pairs. 

xx Signe

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