Thursday, September 12, 2013

I recently read this article written by Kim Hall, a mother sassily asking girls to stop posting "inappropriate selfies" on her teenage son's facebook wall.

Yeah, she had good intentions....but basically all I thought was is she serious?

1. You really don't have a right to ask teenagers that are not your own to do something. Worry about your own kids, please. I found it seriously odd that she had the time to write five paragraphs ranting about how pictures of other kids bothered her that much. If the photos were nude, then yeah, you might want to speak up. But they were fully clothed. You don't have a right to control how they pose.

2. Second of all, slut-shaming is something that I HATE. The whole article was really sexist and offensive to all types of teenage girls. It is not being a good mother to say "cover your eyes!" to your teenage son. You are teaching him to disrespect women. If a boy posted a shirtless picture or something like that, a parent would say "ohh boys." But when a girl posts a selfie in a tank top and short shorts, moms like this freak out like "OH MY GOSH WHAT IS MY SON BEING EXPOSED TO." See the gender difference? If I was the teenage girl that prompted that mom to write that article, (I mean I don't post pictures like that anyway) I would feel horrible. Her attitude is basically saying that the girl's body isn't ok.

3. She doesn't have to look at it if she doesn't want to. Girls will not stop posting pictures on facebook. If you have a problem with it, DON'T LOOK AT IT and mind your own business. As far as your son goes, this is the real world and he will have to learn to deal with it. If the girl knows who her facebook friends are, she knows who's seeing the picture.

4. To continue off #3, she knows who's seeing the pictures and she doesn't care. Sure, there are always girls who post photos and then regret it. But generational and cultural differences play a factor here and what is the norm for teenagers can be horrifying to adults. Think of it like this: skin and hair for women exposed is horrifying for certain middle-eastern religions, but it is the norm to us. A spaghetti strap tank top and short shorts may look horrifying to a parent, but it's the norm to teenagers.

Ugh. I know some of you conservative ones will probably agree with her, but take what I said here into consideration.

What do you think of this article?

xx Signe

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