Sunday, September 29, 2013

Homecoming 2013.. what a difference a year can make

This weekend was weird. It was literally the exact same weekend as the one that happened last year at this time, except everything turned out the way I wanted it to. 

Difference #1

I had school spirit!

This year our theme was Carnival or Circus or whatever and so on the dress-up day, I broke out my old pointe shoes and came to school looking like a creepy ballerina girl. 

Difference #2

I went to the football game... and ACTUALLY enjoyed myself. 

This was my outfit... we were supposed to wear blue but I look bad in blue so I was like no sorry lol. 

As a freshman, I remember having no friends to go to the football game with so I went with some random girls from middle school, who picked me up a half hour late. Then when I got there, I got all panicked when I saw everyone from middle school like "oh god please don't look at me no please oh no I want to go home why does everyone hate me ugh I hate myself *hides*" 

This year... I basically got there and walked in like "WHADDUP HOMIEZZ" and stared at everyone from middle school like "lol". I think that is when the difference hit me.  

Difference #3

So, on this Saturday of last year, I got up early in the morning to play at a race event thing. It was freezing cold and raining and I did not enjoy myself. 

Based on how much it failed last year, I didn't want to do it again. But when they invited me back, I was glad I decided to. 

It was a beautiful day out and I stopped for a pumpkin spice latte on the way home! :)

Difference #4

I actually had friends at homecoming. At around 5, I went over to my friend Carli's house with two of my other friends and we all got ready together. After the dance, we slept over.

I remember last year I went with the same random girls I went to the football game with and I just didn't feel like I fit in... I felt like they were just being nice to me because I had no one else to go to homecoming with. I was so happy that this year I actually got to go to homecoming with my real friends. I actually remember meeting them at the dance last year and thinking "maybe next year I will be with them." 

Difference #5 

Me in my dress last year.. in my dress this year

My mom said I looked great both years, but I think I looked a LOT better this year. 

So much has happened in the past year and I am a completely different person. I am so happy that all this stuff has happened cause if it didn't, I don't think it would have turned out like this- and this is exactly the way I wanted it to turn out. 

xx Signe 

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