Thursday, September 19, 2013


I'm writing this in my study hall at school right now cause I'm SOOOO boredddd and have nothing to do. I was going to write a normal insightful post today but I really have nothing to say so this is a pretty pointless post.

Wellll uhhh it's Thursday the 19th and I'm sitting here in high school... this week was good, I had NO HOMEWORK, I worked out every day, went to stage crew, and today I'm auditioning for a quartet group in choir. Yay!

I'm actually kinda worried about my audition cause I have to harmonize to the song Someone Like You and I always mess up harmony sooo uh I'm hoping that doesn't happen. Tomorrow is Friday so that's nice... except I'm doing nothing this weekend besides maybe selling some orange pumpkin-like flowers. Hmm maybe today after school I should get a pumpkin spice latte...yum!

I kinda need to get a life...

Ughhh I'm hoping I will have some more work to keep me occupied soon!!! The good news is that I'll have a ton of time for blogging! :)

xx Signe

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