Saturday, August 31, 2013

Liebster Award 3

A special thanks to Charlotte from My Crazy, New York, Post-Grad Life for nominating me for this award!

11 Facts about myself....
  1. I have a really good memory. My earliest memory was before I was two years old and I can recall details like what dates I did certain things, outfits I was wearing years ago, and things I said and conversations I had. 
  2. I'm convinced I'm psychic. I swear! Ever since I can remember, at night before falling asleep, I'd see images or colors floating around in the dark. I'd see them when I closed my eyes, and when I opened them they would still be there. I can also just close my eyes during the day and wait a second, and then I start seeing images forming. I recently looked into this and according to Wikipedia it was some type of brain related thing but some other sources said this happens to psychic people- like they see what's happening to other people elsewhere. I mean it would be cool yo. 
  3. I'm a singer and songwriter. I talk about fashion a lot on my blog, but singing and songwriting is my dream and also kind of a reality- I've recorded a few of my songs, I have a facebook fan page, I perform locally and have a website (you can find it on my sidebar.)
  4. I have ADD. I don't look like the stereotypical case, which is why I struggled for a long time. When it got out of control in high school was when I had to start managing it. 
  5. I love to exercise. I used to exercise occasionally- now I can't go a day without it!
  6. I have been to eight other countries. Canada, Costa Rica, China and Hong Kong, Ireland, England, Belgium, France, and the Netherlands. 
  7. I absolutely love psychology. I just think people are so interesting! I love reading up on the human mind and personality types. 
  8. I'm a documentary addict. Literally any type of documentary I'm all for. 
  9. I was a dancer for over ten years. I started ballet and tap when I was about 4, then went ballet full-time when I was about 10. I trained for a year with the professional ballet school in my city in seventh grade. When high school started I decided to quit to do theatre full-time and I'm glad I did. I miss it sometimes, but I now display my old pointe shoes in my room for decor. :)
  10. I kind of have abs. My sister and her friend told me I'm hallucinating, but my stomach looks pretty athletic!! I worked out all summer ok... 
  11. I have to come up with a reason for absolutely everything that happens in life. Yeah..

Charlotte's questions....
  1. What is the most important thing you want your readers to take away from your blog? Be able to appreciate good style even if it's not your style. 
  2. If you got a tattoo, what would you get, where would you get it? Omg I have this all planned out ahaha. I will probably definitely end up getting a tattoo cause they're just cool...they would probably all have to have meaning, though, and they'd all be pretty small. I haven't really considered the fact I might not get hired if I have a tattoo cause I want to go into music, where they don't care, and why would I apply for a job where I was getting judged on my physical appearance anyway?!?
These are some I like...

  1. 3. Favorite song of all time? Hmm...I'd have to say either Tim McGraw or State of Grace by Taylor Swift.
    4. If you could go back to any time period, what would it be? Definitely the 80's or 90's.
    5. What is your guiltiest pleasure? Frosted animal crackers and My Little Pony... don't judge
    6. What is your favorite celebrity couple? Justin Bieber and Harry Styles
    7. What crazy crayola crayon color best describes you? Uhhh oh gosh I have no idea...probably something purple or pink/reddish?...
    8. If you could live in any country other than your own, where would you choose? Probably's like America but more chill and less obnoxious
    9. What is your favorite holiday? Halloween yooooo
    10. If you had an entourage with 3 celebrities, who would they be? 1. Taylor Swift 2. Leighton Meester 3. Audrey Hepburn #swag
    11. What is one non-technological item that you could NOT live without? Probably paper because I'm obsessed with buying notebooks, I love making lists and writing things down, and journaling and writing songs. 

    My questions...

    1. What is the most swagalicious item in yo closet?
    2. Have you ever twerked?
    3. Do you consider yourself a Common White Girl?
    4. What's your fave thing to get at Starbucks?
    5. Would you rather be Amanda Bynes or Justin Bieber?
    6. If some ratchet kid came up and stole your bike what would you do?
    7. Do you store money in your bra?
    8. What's the sketchiest place you've ever been?
    9. Have you ever been clubbinnn?
    10. What time of the year is sweater weather for you?
    11. What do you think of hipsters?

    (Wow sorry those questions were a little ridiculous)

    Here is who I nominate!

    Caroline at Citrus and Style
    Estelle at Let Me Go xo
    Caitie at Color Me Caitie
    Maggie at Maggie Royce
    Elizabeth at Moonlight Goodbyes

    xx Signe

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  1. Congrats everyone! Now I have a few more blogs to read :)