Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I'm having a party.

I'm having a party.

You're probably thinking, what? Signe doesn't party...much less HAVE a party...

But yes. I am. (If you know me in real life and you're reading this like "what a party wait am I invited" then yeah just consider yourself invited.)

I did not want to do this at first, basically because GOING to parties and being around a lot of other people scares the heck out of me. Hosting a party and having people I don't know well on my property would be terrifying. After being encouraged to by multiple people, I agreed to it after I realized it would be a good way to tackle my socially anxious fears.

Completely unrelated, a huge fear I've had since I was about 5 was being kidnapped. I don't really know why. I was afraid of it before I even knew it had a name. I was just really afraid that if I was left alone for two seconds, someone was going to "take me." I can actually remember dreams I had about it at that age quite vividly. Anyway, it used to be 24/7, but by the time I was about 11 it was pretty much only at night. Whenever I go out biking or walking and it gets dark, my mom is like "don't get hit by a car!" and I was like "are you kidding that's the least of my concerns I'm more worried about getting kidnapped."

So a couple days ago, I decided to counteract that fear. I went for a long walk at night. In the dark. To be honest, it was really, really hard. Terrifying!!! But I didn't die. A couple days later, I did it again. And it's not so hard anymore!!!

I made a Facebook event and invited people to my party. Surprisingly, people are coming! It's this Saturday and it's going to be a "back-to-school-bonfire" type thing....it should be a good way to start the school year. Now that I know people are actually coming, I'm less scared and actually a bit excited.

I'll update you all on how it goes. :)

xx Signe

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  1. Ohhh HAVE FUN! You'll get to meet so many new people, that is awesome!

    <3, Charlotte