Wednesday, August 28, 2013

How to feel less tired

Literally every high schooler on the planet complains about this.

It's not really our fault- with our busy schedules and homework many of us can't afford to go to bed before 11. In addition, studies show that our bodies' cycles get pushed back during adolescence, making us naturally want to fall asleep later and wake up later.

There's a few things you can do to feel less tired this school year:

{Go to bed earlier}

So this is really obvious, but I thought I might as well include it. If you go to bed by 10 you will probably be a very happy person the next day. 

{Don't be afraid to sleep in on weekends}

You might feel guilty about sleeping really late on weekends....I say do whatever you want cause yolo and you need that sleep. I think if you don't go to bed past midnight on weekends and then soak up all the sleep you can the next morning is a good thing- you're able to catch up on the sleep you missed during the school week. 


You'd think that exercise would make you more tired, which is true. But if you exercise at least a few times a week then you sleep better at night, therefore making you less tired. 

{Get up 15 minutes earlier}

For me, this is the most difficult thing. When you're really tired in the morning it's extremely hard to get out of bed. But in the long run, 15 less minutes less of sleep do not make THAT much of a difference. It does, however, make a difference with getting ready in the morning and starting your day off right. If you give yourself time to re-energize before school, you'll be a lot more prepped for your day. 

{Drink water}

Dehydration can make us super tired. Drinking water gives us energy to keep going. I don't suggest drinking hardcore energy drinks like Redbull, etc, but stuff like Gatorade and Propel are good. 

{Eat more fiber}

Eating empty carbs is most likely a huge reason why teenagers feel so tired all the time. Although a carbohydrate is technically a unit of energy, the energy can't really be stored if there are no other nutrients in the food. Eating stuff like pasta is good for carbs, but if you really want to feel less tired then eat more fruits and veggies- the nutrients will make you feel much more revived! 

How do you feel less tired?  

xx Signe

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  1. Getting up earlier has helped me, not entirely sure why but I'm not questioning it, haha!

    <3, Charlotte