Tuesday, August 6, 2013


After getting this month's Teen Vogue, it's official: grunge is back in!

Overall, I'm pleased with this. Tumblr has had me into grunge-y things for a while now and I recently watched a couple documentaries about Nirvana/Kurt Cobain and the whole grunge movement.

I really like the style because you could turn it feminine or masculine, but either way it's kind of bohemian with a nostalgic feel. It's stripped down, like it's not trying too hard.

These pictures branch out from not just style but to photography and the whole "look" in general.

(I'd hope this would be obvious, but I don't support smoking by the way...unfortunately there is just a cigarette present in like 90% of grunge photography) 

Grunge isn't for everybody, but you can work the core elements into your style this fall: 

- dark, muted tones
- plaid shirts
- distressed denim
- loose shirts and dresses
- black leather
- tossled hair

(Actually I think every single one of my followers has a preppy blog so idk even know why I'm writing this post right now ha oh well) 

What do you think of grunge being back in style?

xx Signe 

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