Saturday, August 10, 2013

Big News!

So I was about to go to sleep last night when I saw this tweet...


When I applied, I never expected to actually be picked! I am so honored and excited!

I know that this is an important commitment and is going to be HUGE for my own blog. (Cause I have followers...) The reason I applied for Editor-In-Chief is cause all I have to do is edit posts and come up with ideas. I had to be honest with myself- I knew I would be terrible at Social Media Manager because I don't reply to emails, I don't talk to people, and I'm lazy and inconsistent. I think Editor-In-Chief is the perfect position for me cause my main duty will be writing and finding writers. I won't have to work hard to publicize anything- woo!  

Speaking of that job, I'm so excited to start working with the lovely Estelle from Let Me Go xo. Since neither of us have an exclusively preppy style, I'm really excited to bring some new ideas into Chit Chat. Don't worry, I'm going to make sure I don't put ALL my energy into it- a Classy State of Grace is still the most important thing on the Internet to me right now!

My overall goal for Chit-Chat is to make it unique. I want to make sure it has features that brings girls together and makes it more than just an extension of blogger's blogs. I plan to change up the format and post topics a bit so stay tuned!

A special thanks goes to Ashley and Frannie for choosing me for this position. I can tell this will be a great experience- hopefully I'll learn some things about myself and the way I work with others! 

xx Signe

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