Friday, July 26, 2013

Hello From Paris

Hi guys!

So, I'm now in Paris! We took the train here from London on Thursday and will be here until Tuesday, and then we're taking the train to Bruges, Belgium. Paris is quite lovely, but I do have to say I preferred London!

The first thing I wanted to do when we got here was go to the Eiffel Tower, and it was SO pretty when it was all sparkly at night. Now that I am here, I realize there are a lot of misconceptions about Paris- everyone is super fashionable, it's magnificent, it looks like a dream, etc etc....well, it's quite a unique city but I wouldn't really say it's the ideal that Americans see it as. Apart from the people being pretty unfriendly, it's dirty and everyone smells bad!!! How people smell was literally like the first thing I noticed. I swear it's like they haven't heard of deodorant. I was actually very, very surprised at how dirty it is, though. I mean, it's a city...but if I of all people noticed the dirt, then there's a problem!

I'm not trying to be a pessimist here, I guess I just came in with high expectations. Some parts of it are really beautiful, but it's all about perception. Some people think the Eiffel Tower and Arch De Triumph are beautiful, but they're man-made monuments. Personally, I find more beauty in nature. Yes, they're pretty, just not in the same way.

Going back to the high expectations...people really aren't that fashionable. I mean they're well-dressed and have nicely made clothes, but I've noticed they're kinda lacking on the trends. Not that not following trends is a bad thing, of course, it's just that many outfits I see just look a few years outdated. People sure look a lot better than in Wisconsin, but it's not like I have an ''omg I love her outfit'' moment every two seconds. I personally like a complex outfit that stands out, and people here are more into simplicity, solid colors, and neutrals. I actually loved the fashion a LOT better in London; it was a lot more funky/trendy/chic/accessorized there. Also, people think of Paris being a huge shopping city- and like there is no shopping here?..!..? I think I have only seen like two stores that sell clothes since we got here, and they were really expensive. Shopping in London was where it's at- it had Burberry, Topshop, Liberty of London...

I think to really enjoy Paris, you have to enjoy culture and history and like it for what it is. I'm SO glad I got to go to Paris though- it's been such a great experience!

xx Signe

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