Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Hello From Belgium

Hi everyone!

Yesterday we left Paris and took a train to the small town of Bruges, Belgium. I enjoyed Paris, but it wasn't exactly my thing. By the end, I was just getting a little tired of all the people and action!

Bruges reminds me a lot of Ireland, except more attractive guys. Like, not even kidding, there are like no girls in this city at all and there are like groups of One Direction look-alikes that will frequently bike by. And they're stylish!

Since it is a pretty small town, we only spent one full day here. Tomorrow, we're going to Amsterdam in the Netherlands and then I'll be going home! I'm so glad we stopped here- personally, I think towns like this are much prettier than cities and it's been a nice break from London and Paris. Oh, and our hotel has FREE UNLIMITED COMPUTER ACCESS so yeah. (Did I mention I don't have my phone with me? Yeah. I don't.)

My last post on this trip will be in Amsterdam, and then after that I will be back into my regular posting schedule!

xx Signe

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