Thursday, June 27, 2013

My dilemma

Ok, so this might sound like a bit of a self-centered dilemma (trust me I have more legit dilemmas) but it's something that's quite frustrating.

I feel like people don't take me seriously. 

I mean this in the way that I have a multitude of things to say and am supposedly above average intelligence that I feel like I often don't get credit for because I come off as a put-together, stylish, cute, girly-girl. And I mean "cute" as in I've literally been called "a fluffy prairie dog." 

If I was all scary and smart looking then maybe people would actually listen to me. 

Of course, I will never be scary and smart looking because this is who I am. It's an odd balance. The thing that bothers me about it is because I can't not get involved and tell people stuff and I will go crazy if people don't listen to and process what I say. That's why I really appreciate the people who do. 

Taylor Swift actually has a similar dilemma with means of songwriting. I was watching a 60 minutes episode about her where a critic was talking about why she gets hate. And he said "She's an excellent songwriter but she doesn't get credit for it. Maybe if she wasn't young and cute and a 40-year-old male instead, then people would take her seriously." 

Sigh. Do you have a similar dilemma?

xx Signe

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