Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Meeting LC

Ok, so I would barely call it "meeting" her cause we exchanged like two words...

As you may know, Lauren Conrad is in the middle of a book tour for her new book Infamous. I'm not really a huge fan of Lauren like some people are, but when I heard she was going to be at a bookstore in my area I took the opportunity and got tickets!

This is what I wore:

Blazer | H&M
Shirt | My mom
Shorts | Urban Outfitters
Shoes | H&M
Hat | Marley Lilly

It would have been great if she did a reading or something but all she did was sign the book... 

Unfortunately, there was a huge storm that night so all the power in the building went out. Fortunately, it turned back on right when I walked through the doors. However, there was a HUGE line. We were towards the back so we had to wait for like 2 hours. But, you know, it was a bookstore so there was stuff to look at while we waited. 

When we FINALLY got up to the table, I was like "Hi!" and she was like "Hi!" and then she signed my book, and then I just kind of stood there....and then when she saw I wasn't going anywhere she was just like "Well, thanks for coming!" and I was like "You're welcome!" and then I walked away. 

After it was over, my mom was mad we had waited that long for that, but I still thought it was worth it. I got to see a famous person up close and personal!!!

Here's her signature:

xx Signe

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