Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Major Update!

Hey guys!

Sorry it's been awhile! I've been quite busy since last week.

First of all, finals are over- thank god!!! Generally, I'm pretty happy with how I did on them. A few of my grades weren't necessarily ideal, but I'm still proud of what I accomplished and recognized how big of an improvement I've made since midterms.

Last Saturday was my birthday party! It was a tea party. ;) Five of my good friends were there, along with my sister and her friend. It was overall a lot of fun, and we had the perfect weather!

The table!!

My cake!!

Me :)

I ended up opening most of my presents from my family at my birthday party, even though it was a day before my actual birthday. Watch the vlog below to see what I got!

Sunday was my actual birthday, but I really didn't do anything cause of my "celebration" the day prior. However, I did have to sing at my high school's graduation with my school choir in the morning.

We were lucky enough to have graduation in this lovely theater instead of the school gym!

Just me, being a fool on the bus ride back...

On Monday, my friend Emily and I went back to our middle school to visit the teachers. It felt so weird to be back! Surprisingly, I wasn't "sentimental" or anything....I felt nothing. Which I think is the way it should be. I think feeling sentimental would mean I still have some sort of attachment to it, whereas feeling nothing just means I'm in my own world, observing the past like it's a photograph. Coming back to my middle school after everything that's happened this year really realized how much I've changed and grown as a person. It was a bit of a full-circle effect. Physically going back to the building and observing those old memories from where I am now and then physically leaving it kind of symbolized how I've left all those memories in the past. 

Today, I performed at a local farmer's market! It was so much fun and a great opportunity. 

I'd really appreciate it if you could visit my website, www.signemusic.com! Also, I'd LOVE it if you could like my official facebook page! Thanks so much. :)

So anyway, it's officially summer! I have a lot of great things planned. I apologize if my posts are a bit spaced out over the next few months, but I'll try my best to post as often as I can. Meanwhile, guest posters would always be nice!

Have a great summer, everyone!

xx Signe

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