Thursday, June 6, 2013

"Fascinating" YouTube Videos

So, I kind of have an "odd taste" in youtube videos...

I always have, but it recently got pretty intense when I became friends with this guy out of fascination for weird/creepy youtube videos. He made me watch a documentary about a Japanese cannibal and a haunted doll and I made him watch a documentary about a serial killer and a reincarnated boy. Besides this, I swear I'm normal! I just find this kind of stuff fascinatingly eerie. Yes, it does occasionally freak me out- but it's just too intriguing!

Because I don't want to frighten anyone (ha ha... specifically my mom) I'm just going to put the link for each one. Disclaimer: if you can't sleep it's not my fault. ;) (but really's not that bad..)

Ok, the first one is a documentary about a man named Issei Sawaga. I'm stunned by the whole concept of this story- he murdered someone, yet isn't in jail.... :0

The next one is about a supposedly haunted doll. Paranormal stuff scares me the most out of anything, but this could be fake. I don't know.

....and then there's the documentary about the serial killer I was talking about. "Serial killer" makes it sound horrible, so I can say "psychopath" to make it sound better. Because I love psychology, it's fascinating getting into what goes through these kinds of people's minds.

This one isn't as creepy, more just strange- it's a documentary about a boy that was supposedly reincarnated. Once again, there's really no proof it's true, but it's fascinating because the story seems to add up oddly perfectly.

Apart from this, there's also a ton of videos I've watched of similar nature about crimes and psychology, but these are the creepiest most fascinating ones.

Do you know of any other videos like this? Do you like watching these kinds of videos, or do they freak you out too much?

xx Signe

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