Thursday, June 20, 2013

DIY: Galaxy Shorts

So I impulsively DIY my clothes a lot. The other day, I decided to cut up my shorts and turn them into a galaxy.

Here's what I wore with them:

I did it on a pair of dark blue shorts, but I think it would probably work better on black shorts. I used normal craft acrylic paint on them (don't use washable paint, obviously) in black, purple, blue, white, and red. I wasn't really following a tutorial or anything, I just looked at a similar pair and got experimental. 

First, I just kind of painted black splotches all over them. Then I just added a lot of blue and purple. Then I took the red and mixed it with a little bit of white and black to make it not so bright and did a couple swirls of it on top. Next, I mixed together some blue and purple and made splotches of that and then swirled the white into it. Finally, I took the white and made stars. 

It dried pretty quickly, and overall I'm pretty happy with them!

xx Signe


  1. Why do these look so amazing?!

  2. Love it!


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