Saturday, May 25, 2013

Things that annoy me about my teachers.

Ok, so this is just going to be a rant post.

There are really only two teachers that tick me off: the library lady and my english teacher.

Ok first let me just rant about the annoying library lady.

So the other day I was about to start a standardized test on the computer. While I was listening to directions, I was leaning against the back of my chair and took a sip of water. The water was about three feet away from the keyboard or computer. The lady glares at me and says "no drinking in the library." And I'm like, are you serious???? I wanted to say I was going to get dehydrated and die, but I didn't....

Then today I went to the testing center to take a short health quiz. After I was finished, the testing center person wrote me a pass to the library. I arrived at the library, put my ID in one of the slots, and handed the library lady my pass. She was like, "oh darn. I already did attendance. Guess you'll have to go to the basement" and basically threw my ID at me. I'm like ARE. YOU. KIDDING. ME. You know what, I'm sure the guy in the basement already did is attendance too and I shouldn't be kicked out because you're too lazy to get back on the computer and check me in. Absolutely ridiculous.

Now, for my english teacher.

Basically she doesn't like any of my writing or anything I do. She thinks all the other kids in the class are above me and doesn't pay attention to any of my ideas. The other day we had to get into groups and write some stuff. I was the only person in my group who wrote anything and thought what I wrote was pretty good. After I proudly read my long and detailed paragraph, she just stared at me and said " group!" When the other groups went, she wrote what everybody else said down on the board.

The next thing that bothers me about her is she gives absolutely no explanation for when she takes off points, besides "I just wasn't feeling it." She criticizes me for my answers being too "general," when all the questions she asks are opinion-based and open-ended. Even if I support my opinion in an answer to an opinion-based question, it's still considered wrong if it doesn't match her analysis of it.

Another thing I hate about her class is that she pretty much gets rid of all creativity. On a poem analysis worksheet, there was a question that said "how does this line make flying and falling relate to each other?" and I answered saying "similarly, an arrow cannot go forward unless it is first pulled back. You need to get off the ground first to fly, and if you're falling then you're already in the air." She wrote next too it "you're too cliche. You need to have a more concrete answer." I was like, um excuse me??? I'm "cliche?" Yeah I don't think so....and sorry you don't appreciate my abstract way of thinking......

I just feel like I never get credit for any of my ideas in her class. Even if I think I analyzed something pretty darn good, she pays no attention to my ideas or if I actually understand the question. She skims the answer for "examples from the text" and automatically declares it wrong if I don't have any. I seriously think that's ridiculous. You know what text I'm talking about and I'm not going to waste my time searching for a quote to put in this answer when it really doesn't need one to show a deep understanding of what's being asked.

She also is so impersonal with all her students; she declares us "honors students" and makes statements like "honors students should do this." She dismisses the fact that although we're honors students, we all have different learning strategies. She makes us have socratic seminars, which favor certain personality types. One of my good friends is an excellent student, yet these "socratic seminars" always make her grade drop because she's shy and in no way aggressive. This teacher also moved me down a level in english for sophomore year, which annoyed me because my reading and english MAP test scores were 6 and 16 points higher than her favorite student. I emailed her explaining that her course probably wasn't a good fit for my learning style but I still have the ability of an honors class, and she replied basically saying "well if you can't handle me then you'll never be able to handle honors english." RIDICULOUS.

So yeah. That was my rant.

xx Signe

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  1. Haha I love how I know exactly who you are talking about and I can totally see each of them doing these things... nicolet probs