Thursday, May 16, 2013

Great Excuses for Why You're Late

I've been late to school a lot this year...

Luckily, it's only like two minutes late and my first hour teacher is flexible so she doesn't really care.

But if you ever find yourself in a situation where your teacher asks "why??" then here are some believable and hard-to-argue-with excuses!

1. "Ok, I would have been here on time, but then my mom/dad wasn't paying attention and thought they were going to work and accidentally got on the freeway. Ugh!" (this has actually happened to me)

2. "I'm so sorry! Just as I was about to leave, my cat/dog/hamster/rabit/etc ran out the door! I think they're just excited about the warm weather....anyway, they ran into the bushes, and I had to go find them before I could leave!"

3. "I was having issues..." (they won't question this one)

4. "The lock on my door broke, and I was trapped inside!"

5. "We took a different route today, and got stuck at a 7 minute stoplight. I know, right?!?"

6. "My bus had to pick up a new kid today and my bus driver got lost..."

7. "I was about to get off the bus when I realized I had dropped my took me forever to find it, but eventually I did! My bus driver let me stay to look for it, but unfortunately she didn't have a pen or paper handy so she couldn't write me a pass."

8. "As we were walking on the door, my little brother/sister fell and got a huge cut on his/her knee! It was pretty bad, so I thought I should wait a while and get them a band-aid and help them clean it."

9. "My friend broke her ankle and is on crutches, and she needed help carrying her stuff to class." (of course, this wouldn't work if you're the one with crutches.)

10. "My ENTIRE wardrobe was still in the dryer. Like literally, the entire thing....and I couldn't come to school naked! I wanted to take something out, but it was still a little damp, so I had to wait 10 minutes. I'll tell my mom to start it earlier next time."

Hope this helped!

xx Signe

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  1. HAHA I actually love this!! I am always late so this could be pretty helpful ;) Yeah the one with the crutches.. if you have the crutches it's an excuse in itself haha!!