Tuesday, May 21, 2013


My friend group has changed in high school.

I have a completely different friend group than the one I had in middle school. That's for a couple of reasons. The first one is it's just plain difficult to keep the same one because we don't have the same classes or lunch hour anymore. The second reason is that I've made new friends according to my interests. And that's ok, because my childhood friends have too.

The friend group I had in middle school was made up of girls that have been my best friends since I was like 5. We kind of grew up together, back when friendships were based off who got along. But when we did grow up into teenagers, we realized we had different interests. None of my middle school friends were into music or theater, which was my life. So I was kind of alone in that.

Then we got to high school, and each of us kind of found the people we "belong" with. The friends I have now love theater as much as I do and we're in honors English and History together. I still say hi to my middle school friends in the hall, and I actually love seeing everybody with their new friend groups. It makes me happy to see everybody with who they hang out with now, because they're just all so similarily cute and fit as a group perfectly.

You don't have to have something significant in common with someone to be their friend. A girl from my middle school friend group has been my Spanish class buddy this year, and it's nice to see her every morning. I met a girl in gym this year who instantly became my gym class buddy, and we've had some of the best conversations while walking laps around the track. But the people I sit with at lunch, spend my time outside of school with, and tell everything to are my theater friends. In high school, the friends that really stick with you throughout the four years are the people you share interests with.

Of course, the people I hang out with now don't share the same childhood "roots" I had with my middle school friends. We don't really have any years-old memories to laugh about yet, and they don't get it when I say things like "suspish" and "sor sor", which was a thing with my past friends. They also don't really share my fashion interest, which can be hard sometimes. But that's why I have Caroline, because she's always there to fill my fashion discussion needs. :) I can't believe that even though we're at different schools and have different interests, our lifelong friendship has stuck it out so long. I'm grateful to have a special friendship like that!

It's a HUGE change to have a whole new group of friends. But I don't regret my drift because I know it was definitely for the better. My childhood friends will always be very special to me, because like I said, I basically grew up with them. Over the years they've impacted me in so many different ways and I've made so many great memories with them. Who knows- maybe one of those friendships will pick itself back up if we end up in a class together, or maybe it won't. Either way, that's ok. I love the group of friends I have now and I know they're going to be my "high school best friends."

Did you keep your middle school friend group when you went to high school, or did it completely change?

xx Signe

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