Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Birthday Wish List!

My birthday is on June 9th!

Here is what's on my wishlist! (hint hint Mom)

[This monogrammed baseball cap in navy from Marley Lilly]

After seeing how Caroline styled this on Citrus and Style, I wanted one for myself! I'm usually not into monograms, but I thought it was just so sporty yet cute looking, and perfect for the summer.

[A personalized bracelet]

I was inspired by Carly from The College Prepster's personalized bracelet with the date she graduated and the quote "live your dreams," so I wanted to get some kind of personalized bracelet like this one, maybe saying "never look back" and 12.31.12, which is just another special date since my middle school graduation date is lame haha. 

[This vintage map watch]

I'm in need of a good watch, and this one is just really cool!

[My own site domain]

I've wanted this for some time now, not for my blog, but for a site for my music, actually. I've encountered situations when applying to play at places where they ask for a website link, and I don't have one....I've had websites for my music in the past, but they were never with my own domain so it didn't look "professional." The website domain,, or would be great!

Ok, I basically made this wishlist for my mom haha....let's hope she sees it...

xx Signe

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