Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Lately I've been thinking how I feel like I can't relate to anyone.

I can relate to parts of people but my combination of parts makes it hard to relate to anyone.

My personality traits fit into the category of "creative," "artistic," and "idealistic" but everyone else with those traits are hardcore hipsters. I'm girly and am into fashion, but the girls I share those traits with are super organized, have the perfect nails etc, and decorate practically everything, which I couldn't care less about. I love theater, but no one in my school's theater program shares my fashion interest. I love music, but all the musical kids are once again hardcore hipsters and the music I play is too "girly" for them. Yet, the girly girls think I'M a hipster.

For a period of time, I felt like no one else was like me. Then I starting thinking about Audrey.....and I think she kind of reminds me of myself.

Now I'm not just saying this because I like her. Frankly, I'm not as obsessed as some people are. There's something about her that I just really feel a connection to because she basically shares the same description I shared above. 

First of all, we have the same Myers-Briggs type, INFP. That covers the "artistic" and "idealistic" description. BUT, unlike all the other famous hipster INFPs like John Lennon and Kurt Kobain, Audrey was super fashionable and girly. BUT, while she was fashionable and girly, she didn't care about details like bright patterns and painted nails and preferred black and white, neutrals, or pastels. Besides that, her interests were acting, singing, and dancing. She was also recognized for her unique look and innocent, sensitive, and feminine characteristics. (I've been told I apparently have a unique look and get teased on a daily basis for my apparent "innocence"....)

Now, that's a lot I just compared myself to! You're probably thinking "pshh girl thinks she's like Audrey Hepburn..." and I know. But the point of this post wasn't to try to convince you I'm the reincarnated Audrey, I just wanted to share my epiphany that I kind of found someone to relate to.  

xx Signe

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  1. Oh my gosh you are totally Audrey! I never thought of that before....!