Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A Day In The Life Of Signe

I always wonder how other people's days go!

If you're wondering about on!

If it's Tuesday or Thursday
5:30 Alarm goes off. I ignore it and go back to sleep.
5:40 Alarm goes off again. I know I should probably get up.
5:45 Drag myself into the bathroom
5:55 Hurriedly get dressed and brush my hair
6:08ish Start eating breakfast, then take the rest with me
6:15 Get in the car and drive to school
6:24 Arrive at choir approximately four minutes late

If it's Monday, Wednesday, or Friday
6:00 Alarm goes off. I turn it off and go back to sleep.
6:15 Alarm goes off again. I know I should probably get up...
6:25 I drag myself out bed and go to the bathroom. I wash my face, brush my teeth, and put on makeup.
6:40 I get dressed and brush my hair and perhaps mess around with some other things.
6:55 I go downstairs to eat breakfast.
7:05 I get my stuff and drive to school with my dad.

My School Day
7:18 Walk to Spanish. Say hi to my friend Emily and try to do some Espanol.
8:15 Walk to math. I switched to this class this semester and don't know anyone, so I just do some math.
9:17 Go to the library for study hall. I talk to my friend Amanda, mess around on the computer or my phone, or try to do some work.
10:14 I either go to gym or health. If it's gym, then I do fitness walking with my friend Allison, and if it's health, then we talk about some topics that shouldn't be discussed out loud.
11:11 Science time! Not very this class we don't do much, so I do other homework or write a song and and it's still pretty easy to pass.
12:08 LUNCH FINALLY. Talk to my friends and eat some food.
12:38 Talk to my friends Maddy and Carli as I walk to English.
1:35 Go to history, my last class of the day!
2:32 The bell rings and I leave!

I don't really feel like typing out what I do once I get home...I will do that another time. ;)

xx Signe

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