Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Human Mind Can Create Anything

(this is going to be one of my philosophical rants)

While writing a history essay, I started thinking about different religions, and what makes God himself, and if there is most definitely a higher force that exists, but if each religion has a different higher force- then which force is the right one? 

I think that all people are equal regardless of religion and there is one higher force that controls the destiny of mankind. I just don't see how there can be parallel forces within the different number of religions. Yet, how is it possible for every person to have such a strong belief in their own God if everyone's God is different? Over thousands of years, these separate Gods have become essentially real within their own state of religion. Religion doesn't exist because it's a fact. No one has real proof of a religion. A religion exists because it's what people want. And a rule of life is that if you fully believe in something that you want, it becomes real.

I came upon the realization that believing in something, even if we're deceiving ourselves at first, will eventually create something that actually does exist. I recently read that if you create your own religion and at least 10 people follow it, then it's considered an actual religion. Which means that if I decided to create a religion called Signism and made myself the God, got 10 followers.....then I'd be an actual God. Isn't that crazy?

Of course, if enough people could realize this, then people would be creating religions everywhere, no one would have to pay taxes, and people would be telling the government daily that they're smoking marijuana for religious purposes. 

But people taking advantage of this theory like the above example technically wouldn't be wrong. Believing that smoking marijuana will enlighten your soul isn't any different from believing that the Buddha will. There's no proof of either. The United States Constitution states that religion overrules law. If you want something and you believe in it, then it essentially becomes real. The Christian God is considered real, yet there is no proof of his existence. 

I believe that this mysterious higher force upon us originates in our heads, which is why it's different for so many people. I believe in a higher force, yet others have a different idea. The truth is that if the human mind didn't exist then a higher force wouldn't exist. Because the mind is so complex, it can find its own world explanations. I've noticed a cycle: by believing in God, one's life has a direction and purpose, God becomes real, and then God becomes an explanation for morals and the ways of life- which further proves the point inside your head that it's real. 

Don't just apply this theory to religion. Apply it to all ways of life. If you want a dream, then you can have it. All you have to do is believe in it 100 percent and then add some physical action. By believing in something fully, your ideal perception of yourself will exist inside your head. Once it already exists inside your head, the physical action will follow that. 

That seems easy, but it's not easy to believe fully in a dream before it happens. To me it seems nearly impossible because I'm too afraid of a letdown. It really is true that fear is the only thing holding us back, because if you could let go of it then you could have anything.

(philosophical rant over)

xx Signe

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