Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Art of Artsy Selfies

I used to suck at taking selfies.

But with practice and the help of the reverse-the-camera option, I became great!

Taking artsy selfies is almost my passion....

[disclaimer: that's a fake cigarette holder from a play I was in. Don't worry I don't do that stuff. ;)]

[yeah I'm aware my face looks stupid in this but it still looks artsy so I included it]

[I'm aware this one isn't that artsy but I still liked it so yeah]

If you're looking to brush up on your selfie skills, read these tips from moi!

1) Find the right light.
Any picture only looks good when the light is shining on it, so make sure that you are directly in the light. You generally don't want the light behind you, but sometimes that works if you're looking to do a silhouette in the sunset or something. Something that I have found works really well if artsiness is your goal is to take them right up against the window. That way you can see the light or shadows on your face.
2) ALWAYS reverse the camera around to face you, if you have the option.
I've found that selfies almost never work the way you want them to if you can't see what you're doing. I know that this can be difficult if you don't have this option on an older or non-complicated phone or camera, but if you do, then definitely use it.
3) Put the camera closer to your face than you're used to.
I've found that this can have great effects. It provides a different perspective than the standard holding-your-arm-out-straight-on selfie. 
4) Turn your face different ways, move around, and move the camera around to get the right angle.
When it comes to artsy selfies, the key factor is the right angle. That's why the reversed camera is so helpful because you can watch yourself move around until the light hits you perfectly and you're at a really interesting angle. You can try looking down, to the side, away, or only taking a part of your face.
5) Don't make it obvious that you're taking a selfie!
Seeing the edge of an arm being held out is really distracting when you're trying to look artsy and takes away from how cool the picture is. It's fine if your arm is visible in a straight-to-the-point selfie, but if you want to look Instagram professional then hide the fact that you're holding your arm out.
6) Accentuate your eyelashes.
Making your eyelashes look cool adds three times the artsiness. A way to do this is to make the light shine on your eyes in a way that there's a shadow of your eyelashes right underneath them. Looking down will emphasize them, too. It helps to accentuate them by enhancing the photo and wearing eye makeup. 
7) Edit it!!!!!
An artsy selfie, or ANY artsy photo for that matter, is not complete without being edited! I usually just edit all my photos with Instagram, regardless of if I actually post them. Once I get it the way I want, I just take a screenshot of it and crop the rest out. The reason I like the Instagram editor is that the filters aren't too harsh and it's pretty simple. You know how you see those photos that are like green and purple and you're like "wowww, edited...."  When you see a photo on Instagram, it has a cool and artsy looking effect but doesn't look like it's obviously been edited the heck out of. I usually enhance my photos- unless it looks better without- and then pick the filter I want. For an added effect, I use the blurry tool, and that's all there is to it! If you don't have an Instagram or want something more complicated, I'd suggest PicsArt, which is a good photo-editing app I occasionally use. 

I hoped this helped to improve your selfie skills!

xx Signe

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