Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Post Schedule

Just to keep things organized around here, I came up with a post schedule...

let's be honest, I seriously doubt I'm going to follow this

but, you know, I'll try..

[monday] Just a fun or deep quote. No explanation necessary. 
[tuesday] For lifestyle, I'll talk about organization, my outlook on life, studying tips, past stories, etc etc
[wednesday] Just some health and beauty tips!
[thursday] More philosophical ramblings, because I need to put them out somewhere...
[friday] My anything fashion day- could include favorite trends, OOTDs, how I style certain pieces, etc etc
[saturday] My What I'm Loving Day. That could be anything in my life, but a lot of you know I'm into music so I might talk a bit about that. I could talk about a bunch of things or just elaborate on one thing. 
[sunday] I'll probably schedule all my posts on Sunday, so when I do that I'll talk about random stuff going on in my life that day. 

What do you think?

xx Signe

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