Tuesday, April 2, 2013

OOTD | Casual Prep

So last night was a terrible night and then I couldn't sleep and had to be at school at 6:20 for choir and it was the first day after break and I honestly didn't really feel like trying in the morning....

I had a super cute outfit planned out but was more in the mood for a sweatshirt instead. However, I REFUSE to just look plain "casual" at school. More like looking like I put in the effort to look casual but the whole outfit is still simple if you know what I mean....

So usually when I want to have a bum day, I go for a casual prep look. The thing about looking casual prep is that it is pretty much the only you can look casual and still look nice, which are the two things I'm going for on my bum days. I'm usually not a full-on prep daily but it's impossible to be "casual hipster," for example. Like no. It doesn't work cause you'd look like a hobo. (No offense to full-on hipsters or just hobos.) But if you think you can pull off a casual hipster, show me cause I'd like to see. :) Hmm maybe I should attempt that sometime...haha that would be a laugh....

....soooo anyway, this is what I wore:

Sweatshirt | my school ski team spirit wear
Leggings | Vera Wang
Jacket | Banana Republic
Shoes | Sperry Duckies
Headband | J. Crew
Bracelet and earrings | my mom's
Watch | Lilly Pulitzer

Oh, and I pretty much kept the jacket on all day cause my school is freezing cold. And, you know, it looked cuter. ;)

What do you wear on your bum days?

xx Signe

p.s. For more OOTDs be sure to check out my 'Outfits' page because I update it regularly!


  1. Duck boots!!!!! They are my life though, seriously ;)

  2. LOVE that jacket!!