Friday, April 12, 2013

My Typical Friday Night

I've noticed that my Friday nights pretty much have the same pattern.

Now, tonight isn't going to follow that pattern because I'm in my school's talent show, so I have to get ready and go to that at 6:30. But generally, I don't leave my house on Friday nights.

This is typically what I do:

2:32 School ends. I go to my locker, get my stuff, and get on the bus. On the bus, I go on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Tumblr.
2:53 I arrive home and get some food.
3:30 After I ate some food, I go up to my room and play guitar and go on my phone for a while.
5:30 I go exercise.
6:30 I have dinner.
7:00 I go on the computer and blog, watch videos, or look up stuff. Or, I watch Netflix.
9:30 I go upstairs to my room. I decide to take a shower, but first I usually end up putting on a ton of makeup and trying out some new hair style I saw on youtube. Then I realize it would be a good time to make some outfits and take some selfies. I end up with clothes all over the floor of my room and about 100 new photos on my phone.
11:00 I realize how much time I've spent doing nothing. Sometimes I decide to follow up on that shower, but usually I'm like "ehh" and go to bed with black eyeshadow on. I end up in bed on my phone watching more videos.
12:00 I realize I should probably go to sleep, so I do.

The end!

Oh, and a similar variation of this happens on Saturday night, unless I have something else to do.

How do you spend your Friday night?

xx Signe

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  1. Those Fridays are the besttttt ;)