Thursday, April 18, 2013

My Opinion On This

Hello everyone! Sorry for the lack of posts this week; it's been busy.

Today I'd just like to state my opinion on the Boston Marathon bombing. I don't know how people will react to this, but I hope you'll see my point.... it wrong to say I don't think this is as big of a deal as everyone is making it right now? Many people were injured, but only three people died....which I don't really think is that bad. Of course, it was a horrible thing to do, and just because the death statistics aren't a large number doesn't mean that those three people didn't matter deeply.

These days, people are complaining about our "broken society" and how "the world is falling apart." Which makes sense after 9/11, the movie theater shooting, and the elementary school shooting. But the thing is, society has always been broken and the world is NOT falling apart. Everyone thinks mass killings are some phenomenon of this decade, but no one realizes people have been executing and killing each other since the beginning of time. In fact, it happens much less than it did 1,000 years ago and the world's still spinning. So, if you think this is a sign that the world is coming to an end, you're most likely wrong. Since the beginning of time, humans have killed each other. Most often for revenge. That doesn't make it acceptable in any way, but my point is that this bombing was really not that bad compared to the many, many executions in history.

I'm almost a bit bothered that it's somehow acceptable for soldiers to be killed daily in the war, but the country makes a huge deal in the media to mourn the loss of three people and go off on campaigns for gun control. It's the exact same thing. Death is death. Men killing other men is what it is. I talked to my mom about this. She said, "well, this just shocks people because America is supposed to be so safe." Which is true. Still....this kind of thing isn't new to the world. Times change. Maybe America's safety is changing.

Although people may not feel safe in America anymore, we have to remember that conditions are MUCH worse in other countries. It seems as if everyone nowadays hates living in our society and thinks the media has corrupted us. People say they want to live 50 years ago because "life was simpler then." This makes absolutely no sense to me. There was just as much of a broken society back then as there is now. There was segregation, discrimination, less women's rights, and death from diseases that weren't treatable yet. Still, people in the 1950s probably weren't happy with their society and wanted to live in the early 1900s, because "life was simpler." Again, life wasn't any simpler. Most people were living in poverty due to the uneven distribution of wealth, forced to work in horrible factory conditions, there were NO women's rights, and diseases were killing people. My point is that there's no use dwelling on the past or wishing you lived in another decade because the only decade we have is this one, and I think it's pretty great. We're so advanced in technology and healthcare. People have to remember that when they think "the golden age" has already happened. We need to stop assuming that the best has already happened. We need to believe that the best is ahead of us.

Although we may hate the media and hate our society, we have to be grateful for how easy life really is in our society. We can't destroy suffering. People will always suffer as long as the world lasts. Just because murder isn't ok doesn't mean we shouldn't get used to it because humans will keep doing it. I'm not using "human nature" as an excuse here, however. I think we need to move past this human nature thing because many acts considered acceptable because it's "human nature" could be changed for the better. But, we have to accept the face that it's going to happen and the world will keep turning. If we can't be content in our society, we should at least learn to be content about our mindset, self-image, and view of our lives.

Overall, I think people should calm down over these three deaths in Boston, although it was a deeply tragic event. My thoughts go out to the families affected. They're in a better place.

xx Signe

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