Sunday, April 28, 2013

Life Lately

Hey guys!!

Life's been pretty mellow lately. I don't know if I mentioned this, but I missed a lot of school this year due to health issues. I went for like three months literally doing nothing. But about three weeks ago, I finally got back into the swing of things and I've been doing pretty well.

This year has gone by so fast for me! I kind of "dropped out" of my life around December and came back in around the beginning of April. And I was like, WOAH....cause last time I checked, it was December, like almost literally. I know most of you are excited for summer and beyond happy that the weather's getting warmer, but I'm really not, sadly....I generally dislike season changes. Call me a weirdo but I feel like everything is "disappearing." But besides that, I'm content in school right now, because I kind of feel like I just started over and I don't "deserve" summer yet. But, summer's coming, whether I like it or not. :P

I know I should be excited, because I'm doing fun things!

In June...
- It's my birthday (15!)
- I'm taking a required technology class at my school (not so fun..) that goes into July
- I'll (hopefully) be heading to Nashville for a songwriting workshop

In July...
- I'm taking a photography class with my friend (btw, you never sent me the deets for that. Get on that, girl- you know who you are!)
- I'm going to Europe for two weeks. First London, then Paris, then Amsterdam.

In August...
- I'm taking a week long music camp where you record songs with other people

And probably some other fun stuff.

Anyway, this weekend was pretty relaxing. On Friday, my friend Emily came over and we filmed a cooking video in Spanish for our Spanish class. On Saturday I sat around and did nothing, then at night went to usher and watch my school's current play, which one of my best friends was in. Today, I sat around and did nothing again.

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Also, I now have an, so if any of you would like to ask me anonymously style, beauty, or completely random questions, then please do so!

Well, that's all I have to I have to go do homework. Byee!

xx Signe

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  1. You're so lucky to be going to Europe! I would love to do that someday!

    By the way - check your email :)