Wednesday, April 3, 2013

just some random things about me...

Hi guyssss

So this isn't going to be a very official or informative post, but I have a lot of homework to do tonight so I have to make it quick. I have a lot of good scheduled upcoming posts though, so stay tuned!

Ok. Since I have nothing else to talk about I thought I'd just share some random facts about me cause those are always fun to read....

1. I am always touching and playing with my hair (it's addictive!)

2. I love sushi

3. Chicken is probably like my favorite food haha

4. Speaking of food I like day old soggy salad and cold soggy french fries from mcdonalds which sounds so gross but yeahh...

5. I've been doing theater since third grade and it's my life at school

6. I go to a public high school in Wisconsin

7. I hate roller coasters. I went to Disney World last summer and my sister forced me to go on the freaky yeti ride and splash mountain. Last time I went on splash mountain I cried when an animal popped up to warn me about "dangers" but I could handle it the second time. However, I still screamed like a crazy person when the thing was going UP the hill on the yeti ride, then I crouched down and hid in the bottom of the car every time it went down.

8. I've never dyed my hair

9. I have green eyes

10. I'm obsessed with MBTI and my type is INFP

11. I've grown up in the suburbs outside a largish city. I love rural areas, but I feel a bit isolated if they're truly in the middle of nowhere. Being downtown makes me happy.

12. My first "role" in theater was Dorothy in a class production of the Wizard of Oz in third grade. Funny side story: a guy auditioned for the part and when he found out I got it he was like NOOOOO and fell on the ground ahahahaha best story of my life

13. I've traveled out of the country to Canada, Costa Rica, Ireland, and China. I'm going to England, France, and Amsterdam this summer.

14. If I could travel anywhere in the world I'd probably either want to go to South Africa, see the Aztec ruins, Egypt, or some religious civilization place in the middle east like Mesopotamia or something.

15. I've never had a boyfriend. Although my first kiss was a stage kiss even though that technically doesn't count....weirdest experience of my life interesting experience....

16. My dream role in any musical would probably be Elle Woods, Cosette from Les Mis, or Ariel aka the little mermaid

17. I'm attention deficit

18. I'm one of the most disorganized people like ever

19. I'm currently in honors english and history and those are my favorite subjects

20. I'm the worst procrastinator known to man. If you think you are worse and don't believe me, let me prove it. About three weeks ago I had an essay due on a book. The day before it was due I still hadn't bought the book. I was like....wait...that's due tomorrow? So I waited until about 6 to get the book. I was like "ehh I'll just get up at four and get it off sparknotes." At four, my alarm went off. I was like "ehhh no I'll wait till five..." at five, I was like "screw it I'm doing it in study hall." Then it was study hall. I was like "ew I don't want to do this. Maybe I'll just come up with something in the last fifteen minutes." Then I went on instagram for a half hour. Then I was like "ohh I should probably start now..." I wrote two sentences cause I didn't read the book and then the ball rang. I was like "that's ok I'll just turn it in late." Three weeks later and I never did it. If you have a worse story please tell me.

21. I love exercising

22. I used to do ballet until I quit this year to focus on theater. I did it for most of my life at a dance studio and then trained for a year at the main ballet school in my city. I also did pointe the last two years and tap and jazz briefly.

23. I love Wikipedia

24. I highly enjoy watching documentaries

25. I find urban dictionary so entertaining and offensive humor quite humorous

26. I've written about 40 songs

27. My vocal range is mezzo-soprano

28. I used to be extremely socially paranoid haha but I'm getting over it

29. I'm supposed to be doing like the 30 (literally though like I could count them like it's probably more than that....) homework assignments I never did right now...

30. I love being on trains

31. I ride my bike almost every day in the summer

32. I've known Caroline and Elizabeth since elementary school. This summer will actually be me and Caroline's 11 anniversary as friends! (We met picking flowers while at summer camp before we started k4)

33. Oh ok funny story on how I met Elizabeth. We were probably like 5ish and I went to the park like every day to make a new friend. (haha that sounds so sketch if I were to do that now...) anyway, Elizabeth was there most days too. When I met her she was like "Hi I'm Elizabeth!" and I'm like "Hi I'm Anne!" because for some reason I wanted to be named Anne...anyway when I was leaving, Elizabeth's mom was like "bye Anne!" and my dad was just standing there like Anne?! Wtf?!

34. I probably check instagram the most out of all my social networking apps

35. So when I was at the Beijing airport waiting for our flight, I decided to practice some ballet. While swinging my leg around, I accidentally kicked someone in the shin...

36. As you can tell I have a lot of interesting life stories....

37. I rarely paint my nails.

38. My worst fear is probably offending people

39. I taught myself guitar in 6th grade

40. My room is black, white, and pink (I'll be doing a room tour soon!)

Ok I have to go do my homework now...

xx Signe

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  1. Hahaha I died laughing when I read how you met Elizabeth!