Monday, April 22, 2013


I was thinking about what it means to be a feminist and what it means to be feminine, and the irony of the word. If you think about it, feminine and feminist completely contradict each other.

Taking the official definitions into consideration, these two words seem similar but are actually quite different. They can't mean the same thing if feminism is about making the sexes equal and being feminine is about having an attitude or appearance unique to women. 

When I think of being feminist, I think of women's rights, girls playing sports, "girl power", girls having jobs, etc. But I don't understand how, at the time at least, a woman being those things was called a feminist. 
Before and during when those movements were taking place, being feminine meant that guys should hold the door for girls, women stayed at home and cooked/cleaned, wore dresses, and not play sports or have jobs. I find it really interesting that women who did the opposite of these things were called "feminists." 

I suppose it's all about finding the right balance. Girls and women should have the right to do whatever they want in life, but still learn to embrace the characteristics they have been given. But if a feminist believes in equality and being feminine means to embrace female characteristics exclusively, then you really can't be a feminine feminist, can you?

We need a word for that.

xx Signe

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