Thursday, April 4, 2013

Bobbi Brown: Beauty Rules

[I consider this book essential for any girl to have]

It's probably the BEST makeup resource out there. The one I have I bought a few years ago, so the cover is different but I think the content is still the same. Not only does Bobbi cover each area of makeup and how to apply it the right way with the right tools and ingredients, but she also talks about eating healthy, exercise, and what she learned from being a teen. It's a great introduction to makeup if you don't wear a lot of it or any at all. It's very trustworthy and written like it's your mom giving you advice. :) Bobbi explains how to be classy and not trashy and suggests appropriate ages to start doing certain beauty related things, while referring back to her own experiences. Therefore, I just KNOW everything said in here about makeup is right and refer back to this instead of magazines and stuff. 

This book is definitely a must have- especially if you're new to makeup!

Do you own this book?

xx Signe

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  1. Yes!! This book is my bible for makeup, even though I barely wear any ;)