Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Awkward: Transformation Tuesday

Everyone goes through an awkward stage.

But mine was HORRIBLE. Just awful! It mostly lasted from 6th grade into 7th. By 8th grade I was generally decent looking, but since no guys ever liked me, I thought I had no hope, which led to low self-confidence. Then I got to high school and realized I wasn't so awkward anymore!

Looking back at pictures, it's actually hilarious. I've compiled a collection of my most awkward:


[I'm probably just embarrassing myself my including this]

Oh, and apparently I was incapable of opening my eyes....

What is even up with my face here

Now for the transformationnnn

Muchh better!!!! 

If you think you're in an awkward stage right now, don't worry- it will even out in a few years!

But, um, for some reason...my sister never had an awkward stage?!?!

This was her during Christmas in 6th grade...and she looked completely normal...

(By 8th grade I was still slightly awkward, but evening out)

This is her now (on the right), in 7th grade....

not even fair!

Have you gone through an awkward stage?

xx Signe


  1. Signe,
    My little sister never had an awkward stage either!! Totally not fair! I'm convinced the reason is that by the time she reached middle school I was already out of my awkward stage and could provide credible fashion advice... It's times like these I hate being an older sibling haha


    1. You're totally right- that's probably true. ;)