Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Hey heyyy!

I'm Signe and omgizzle I'm writing my first post on my brand new blog!

I used to have a blog called Significantly Styled but it ended up being a fail after I couldn't commit to it anymore. After working through a couple things in my life I realized I missed blogging and needed to get back into it.

Sooo, here I am! I hope you love the design cause I do. :)

I named this blog "A Classy State Of Grace" after the Taylor Swift song State of Grace. It's my favorite song. Basically it's about learning to find your content place in love while living a faced-paced life and getting to the point where you realize that it's all worth it.

I feel like you could connect that concept to fashion. You know that feeling after you put on a genius looking outfit? That's a classy state of grace. (Unless you're not classy....but I'm into class so yeah.)

Besides fashion and style, I also plan on blogging about music, my life, and other randomness. If you want to learn about my life in a deeper sense click on About Me. If you want to learn about it in an amusing sense then read my twitter. :)

All my contact info is under contact, and I think I've pretty much got it all set up! If you would like to know anything about me then please comment and ask. 

Cheers to my future blogging career!

xx Signe

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