Saturday, March 30, 2013

My Zumiez Experience

So, as you may have seen in my recent vlog, I got a beanie....

oh yes.

[embracing my inner skater chick yo]

Now, I wanted a grey beanie after seeing this photo on pinterest:

I just thought the look of the outfit was so chic and the beanie looked so cute and cozy!

So while at the mall with Caroline, I checked out Forever 21 and H&M for a beanie to sport on my trip to Chicago. We found that they had switched over to their spring stuff so they weren't really stocked up on hats. 

But then I thought of those guys that wear Neff beanies because they think they have swag or are tying to be gangster or something, and realized they probably sold some at Zumiez, aka that creepy skater dude store. 

I swear, the place looked like a dark hole. 

At first Caroline was all confused, like "umm why would they sell beanies there?
 That's where my brother shops...." 

Not to be lame but manly/tomboy stores kind of intimidate me and I was extremely scared to go in. I felt super awkward and uncomfortable. We found the beanies and then Caroline was like "OHHH."

For some reason all the employees didn't realize they had customers and were having some alternative conversation by the skateboards. We waited there anxiously, as we wanted to leave as soon as possible. When someone finally noticed us, they came over to the checkout. Then she asked me for all my contact info so I could set up "an account" to get "points" for when I "shop there again." I don't think she understood that I wasn't planning on shopping there again....

Anywayyy, it was interesting to shop in a store I wouldn't normally shop in. I felt so weird just being in there though and don't think I'd ever wear anything of that "style."

Although I can pull a beanie off with the right outfit, I think I'll stick to being classy and chic :)

Have you ever had a similar experience in a store that was the complete opposite of your style? 

xx Signe

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  1. Hahaha this is great