Thursday, March 28, 2013

Freaky Dreams

I have had the WEIRDEST dreams lately.

I usually don't dream every night, but I have for like the past two weeks...

Wanna hear about them?

Ha ok.

1. During last night's dream, I was outside trying to paint a picture but it blew away in the wind. (wow I just realized that sounds like metaphorical or something) Then it escalated into a tornado and I was forced to beg a stranger to let me into their house. His wife was like "hide upstairs in a tornado!" but then the guy was like "no you fool you go to the basement."  So we all went down to his basement and it was super sketch. When it was over, Elizabeth texted me and told me she had my painting so then I went to her house to get it. The end. OH YEAH and then we went to Disney World.
2. I dropped my friend off at her future condo.
3. So there were a bunch of troll creatures running around in a field with swords and I was supposed to fight them off. I don't remember the rest but I don't think I succeeded....
4. The guy I had a crush on in second grade pushed me around in a shopping cart in a random parking lot.
5. Some guy I don't know pulled me in a sled to the grocery store, where I got a text from my friend saying that she died but she was in heaven now.
6. I bought an apartment with two random guys I didn't know, then invited the entire high school theater department to come live with us.
7. A freaky stalker dude chased me down a railroad track.
8. So me and my two friends were running around in a battle during the French Revolution and I ended up getting shot. One of my friends became the new queen and I don't know whatever happened to the other one....#toomuchlesmis

Just so you know, I'm not crazy, just can't control my dreams....

Have you had any weird dreams lately?

xx Signe

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  1. Ahh i was in one of your dreams!! I feel so special :)